Monday, July 23, 2012

Reading One

          Although listening is inherent in learning languages, I didn`t understand it`s vital role in the acquisition of a second language. I did my inquiry project on L2 acquisition, and I found it shocking that the article states that L2 learners do not learn their second language in the same way as their L1. If I remember correctly, I learned English by associated words to pictures which is similar in the way I teach my FSL students to learn French. I also find that as a second language learner my listening skills are stronger than any of my linguistic skills, this is also true for the majority of my students. I am wondering if this is similar to most L2 learners?

          The article provides many suggestions related to listening strategies. Learning a language is quite overwhelming and it`s important that students recognize that they will not understand 100% of what they hear. Students need to be given a focus in order to help them acquire the desired vocabulary. One strategy proposed for teachers is to «think aloud». The six questions will help guide students to learn how to ask themselves questions while listening.

          Students need to learn effective strategies to enhance their learning, and as a teacher I am there to guide their learning. While providing guidance I think it`s important to limit suggested strategies and ensure that they are appropriate the learners comprehension level.

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