Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Reading Six

I would like to explore the use of podcasts in FSL classes. I have heard about podcasts but had never thought to use it as a teaching tool. The idea presented by the teacher to have students record their discussion on classroom material is very innovative. I learn through discussion and often times I feel that I refine specific knowledge in discussion but forget it later when doing my individual review. This tool would allow for revision of topics discussed during the podcast. Although, I think we need to be cautious of using this tool because not all students are auditory learners. It is important that students are given a variety of methods to learn and review materials. Another great point discussed by the author is the development of presentation skills through podcasts. Students are recording their voices, and are able to listen to their tone and the way they articultate the classroom material. Students are very fortunate to have this opportunity to practice presentation skills because it is a life skill that is used in any job. In french I do a lot of presentations and I think that having it as a «broadcast» rather than standing up in front of the class would make them feel more comfortable. To add to this, it teaches students to be more diligent with their work, publishing a podcast could cause anxiety amongst the students. It is quite intimidating for students to have others listen to their discussions. On a last thought, specifically for second language learners, podcasts teach students to self-correct. Students are able to listen to the way they pronounce words, and try and adjust their pronunciation. Students are also able to hear the voices of other french speakers which is also beneficial because they hear the correct way to pronounce words.

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