Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Audio in the classroom

This program will be very effective in an FSL class. It will allow students to work at varying paces because they are able to stop the audio whenever they please. I found this to be challenging in my class because half of the class could understand the listening activity after the first attempt, and the other half would just pretended they did. Also, if I have control over the information that students listen to, I can cater the program to my student’s needs. I could use this tool in the computer lab for students to practice listening exercises or give them extra practice at home by putting it up on my blog. I also think that this is more relevant to the students because often the cassettes were made in the 90`s and they don`t discuss relevant topics in the modules. Another possible use is to have students record their own voices. This will allow my students and I to see how they are progressing throughout the year, and to help students auto correct. I think this will be a very useful tool and I am excited to see how students respond to this technology.

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