Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Reading Seven

I understand as an educator we need to make our lessons relevant to our learners needs, but I feel that inventing new strategies is becoming a trend. As the article suggests there are a lot of buzzwords in education, and it`s hard to keep up with all of the new ideas. Similar to what we talked about in class today regarding the twitter feed, it is difficult to be constantly reading all of these educational journals. It is quite overwhelming and makes it stressful when trying to find a strategy that will best suit students. I do believe that teaching needs to change because the demands that students face on a day to day basis is changing. I do however worry with this idea of curation education that students who do not have the intellectual capacity to evaluate and synthesize will be left behind. We learn in this program that we shouldn`t «reinvent the wheel», but simply adapt current methods. I think that we can promote higher level thinking in the classroom without having to create a whole new way of teaching.

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