Thursday, August 9, 2012

Final Post

Level: Français 10

Unit 4: Mes Souvenirs, Mes Trésors

Strategy 1: Quizzlet

There is a lot of vocabulary to learn in beginner french classes and quizzlet is a useful tool to help students memorize words and learn pronunciation. This unit in particular had a lot of difficult vocabulary to learn and this program provides them with an instant study tool. What I like about the idea of quizzlet is that the cue cards are already made for students and they can print them or they can access them online. In addition to this, there are many different ways to present the information on the cue cards. Students can choose to see both english and french or just french. There is also an audio function for students to hear how to pronounce the words.  I really like the audio function in this program because students are able to practice spelling and audio at the same time if they wish to do so.

I was able to find an existing quizzlet document to use, and make changes as needed. This is a very useful function because you can adapt other teachers work in order to meet your specific needs. I was also able to create a quizzlet classroom where students can view all quizzlet documents I have made.

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Strategy 2: Chirbit

In my french classes, I try to create as many oral activities as possible but it is very difficult to monitor and correct. This is a very easy tool to use and it allows for students to practice speaking skills. They also learn to auto-correct because they are receiving immediate feedback. I played a "Qui suis-je?" game with my students where they had to go around the class and guess who's photo it was based on a picture and a short description. I thought it would make the game for interactive and educational sound by having students record their voices to give clues. In the class, I could have labtops set up around the class and students have to listen to the chirbit to guess who the person is.

Here are some student samples...

Personne # 1:

Personne # 2:

Check this out on Chirbit Strategy 3: MixPod

During practicum I went to a french conference where I was introduced to the idea of "Music Friday". Students are to find a song and do a short write-up about the group and what they like about the song. I thought it would be interested to listen to french children songs and have students compare them to their own childhood songs. To help with their understanding, I have tried to find songs that have words to go a long with the song.

I have only shown a few songs here, but when I introduce this to my class I would ideally like to have a song for every student. Although I am introducing it with this unit, I would use the same concept throughout the year using a variety of different music. This tool will allow me to introduce french culture in my class.

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